What Is The NIE Number in Spain

How Do I Find Out My NIE Number in Spain


Identification is crucial when you leave your country to move to another. The first requirement after setting foot in a foreign country is identification, which is possible through the NIE number. NIE number is the identification number used by foreigners living in Spain. This blog gives insight into the NIE number of Spain. 

What is The NIE Number?

The NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) number allows foreigners residing in Spain to deal with tax identification. It is like a national identity card number specifically designed for expats. This documentation plays a significant role in identifying the number of foreigners living in Spain. 

Purpose and Importance

To use the Spanish system seamlessly, a foreigner should apply for the NIE number as soon as possible because this will help them enjoy their stay in Spain. Why NIE number is important? Following are some reasons.

  • To open a bank account in Spain.
  • For selling and purchasing things.
  • Insurance.
  • Real estate buying and selling.
  • Tax payments.
  • Education purposes.
  • Travelling.
  • To start a business.
  • To get a driving license.
  • For employment/jobs.
  • Payment of utility bills.
  • Inherit assets.
  • Transportation. 

How to Get An NIE Number in Spain?

You’re an expat in Spain and facing issues while travelling, buying, studying, etc. Well, no worries! You can apply for an NIE number to enjoy your stay in Spain. You can follow some steps to obtain your NIE number or identification number.

Online Application: Visit the website to select the NIE number application option. You’ll get the NIE number application form online, which you must fill out before stepping into the nearest police station. Fill in all the required information on the form and justify the need for an NIE number by providing your financial, professional, and educational background.

Collect The Documents: Collect all the documentation needed for the form to process your application.

Visit The Police Station: Print out the application you’ve filled out online and attach all the documents mentioned on the form. Then, visit the nearest police station with your application and submit it to the relevant police station department.

Administrative Fee: Pay the administrative fee at the police station and wait for the approval of the application of your NIE number.

Processing Time

In Spain, the General Commissariat issues the NIE number to foreigners or immigrants by the Spanish Directorate General. According to the rule, the NIE number is assigned to the foreigner up to five weeks after the submission. Thus, the processing time takes five weeks to complete. 


The NIE number is important for expats living in Spain to identify themselves and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Moreover, it helps with various things, such as transportation, utility billing, studies, jobs, business, etc. Consult your nearest police station for guidance if you don’t know about the process. They will gladly help you fill out the NIE application form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the administrative fee for the NIE application form?

The administrative fee for the NIE application form is not high. It is approximately ten euros, which you can easily pay.

Can I get my NIE or IDentification number after five weeks of submission?

The processing time takes almost five weeks after you submit the application form with your identification number. Thus, you will get your NIE number after five weeks. 

Can I do large transactions after obtaining the NIE number?

Yes, you can do large transactions after obtaining the NIE number in Spain. 

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