Do I Need an NIE Number in Spain


Identification is a crucial step, especially when you are not a resident of the place you live in. In Spain, it is significant for a foreigner to obtain the NIE number because it helps with easy access to stuff involving money. Furthermore, it allows you to make tax payments. To learn about the NIE number, you should keep reading this blog.

What is an NIE Number?

The NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) number allows foreigners residing in Spain to deal with tax identification. It is like a national identity card number specifically designed for expats. This documentation plays a significant role in identifying the number of foreigners living in Spain.

Why Do I Need An NIE Number in Spain?

The question that comes to a person’s mind after hearing about the NIE number is, ‘Why do I need the NIE number in Spain?’ Here are some reasons.

  • To work legally.
  • To register and start a business.
  • For tax payments.
  • To open a bank account.
  • For educational purposes.
  • To buy/sell property.
  • For driving license.
  • To buy groceries.
  • For transactions.
  • Healthcare.

Do I Need an NIE Number in Spain?

Obtaining an NIE number in Spain is compulsory to enjoy the facilities of Spain leisurely, especially when you’re a non-resident. It’s the first step you should take after landing in Spain to reside. The sooner you obtain your NIE number, the more easily you’ll have access to legal procedures, including working, shopping, etc.

An Expat Without NIE Number

Having an NIE number in Spain is important, but without one, the following factors will face the following consequences. 

Short-Term Stay: If you’re planning on a short-term stay then you don’t have to worry about obtaining the NIE number in SPain. The NIE number is for the people who plan to live in Spain and the NIE number allows them as a partial resident of Spain.

Tourism: Undoubtedly Spain is an enhanced tourist destination with fascinating and ennhanting beauty. People from all over the world visit Spain for enjoyment and joy. If you’re tourist visiting Spain for tourism, then you should not apply for the NIE number. NIE number in Spain is not applicable for tourists.

Health Facility: NIE number in Spain allows expats to have healthcare facility. A person without NIE number cannot avail the healthcare facilities. However, Spain allows the emergency healthcare for visitors, as health is the significant part of life. 


In conclusion, NIE number in Spain is like the national identity card that you have in your native country. For identification purposes, foreigners are all obliged to obtain NIE number as soon as they land in Spain. You should apply for the NIE number through the police station by fulfilling all the requirements. After obtaining the NIE number, enjoy your time in Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I obtain NIE number in Spain online?

You can submit the application of NIE number in Spain online as well as well in person. Spain with advanced technology allows both modes of submission so choose what suits you.

When should I apply for the NIE number?

When you reach Spain, try to obtain the NIE number within the 90 days of your arrival.

Can I do large transactions after obtaining the NIE number?

Yes, you can do large transactions after obtaining the NIE number. You can start any business, work in any agency or other place, study in your favourite institution. NIE number is your ID card while living in Spain. 

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